State-Approved Program

Victim Impact Panel (VIP)

Based on MADD and TCJD guidelines.


2019 Schedule

      • A 2-hour presentation by a panel of victims/survivors.

      • Held approx. monthly, on a Sunday from 10 AM to 12 Noon. — 2019 Schedule

      • Walk-ins welcome.  Picture ID is required for attendance.

      • A Certificate will be issued to students who attend and complete a required evaluation form.

      • Total fee is $35.  Pay with Cash, Credit, Debit or PayPal.

      • ADAPT is located at 5110 Wilkinson Dr. #108, Corpus Christi 78415.

      • Open 9AM to 9PM weekdays; 9AM to 3PM weekends.

      • Pre-registration is optional for the Victim Impact Panel, but is available if desired.


Important:  You must arrive for the Victim Impact panel no later than 9:30 am.


(361) 985-8598


Office hours:

Mon-Fri 9am to 9pm

Sat-Sun 9am to 3pm