Revised Jan. 05, 2023

Do not attend classes at ADAPT/ABC if you have COVID symptoms.  Do not attend if you test positive, or have had recent personal exposure to COVID-19.

ADAPT/ABC is committed to the safety and comfort of our students.  As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, we follow current guidance from the CDC, plus orders issued by local and state authorities.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Whether you are a student, employer, probation officer, parole officer, attorney, or court official, we are here to assist with your offender education needs and answer your questions. Please contact us at 361-985- 8598 to make an appointment or for additional information.

Which Classes or Programs Do You Need?

  • It was a good class. Glad I took it here.

  • I was dreading this, but it ended up being highly enjoyable and useful.

  • The driver safety course (defensive driving) made me realize how complacent I've become.

  • Learned about quite a few new traffic laws.

  • Very nice facility. Good staff and instructor.

  • Course was challenging but not too hard, and to the point.

  • Anger Management saved my relationship! Started using what I learned when I went home the first night.

  • Good classes. No judgment or bias and very informative. Life changing even.

  • The DWI instructor is excellent. I honestly enjoyed this class and learned a lot.

  • Comfortable classroom & environment. Professional staff and instructor. Good job.

  • It made me really think about personal responsibility and using better judgment in the future.



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Driving Safety Class

Adult Driver

 DMV Permit

Mature Driver